Beau James

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Beau formed The Heavy Heavy Hearts. The band's dark, angsty riffs, machine gun drums, and unmatched musicianship found its way onto the soundtrack for the Sony film Bad Country, as well as radio playlists across the nation. The band quickly developed a following of motorcycle gangs and blues-lovers while grinding its way up and down the Sunset Strip. After a few years in Los Angeles, Beau made his way to Nashville and rediscovered his passion for Americana music.   He called together some of Nashville's finest underground musicians to record his first solo record, "Indigo Road". With touches of John Mayer, Ryan Adams, and Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, "Indigo Road" leads to a destination in which everything is as familiar as home, and as enchanting as your first cross-country road trip. Beau's latest EP, "Landmarks" was released in 2016 on Randm Records.

"From the opening track, “Broken Hearted Past”, you realize that the brand new recording by Beau James - “Landmarks” - is no ordinary EP. It is one of the best independent Americana EPs in years. It has touches of classic Americana, rock and roots flavors coupled with a polished production." - Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

"[Beau] James James has a gift for translating emotional honesty into musical poetry, and the track shines as a gentle, bittersweet rumination on the baggage that we carry with us from heartbreak in our past. His bashful utterings ring true to anyone who’s been in a rocky relationship; “is my heart the one you’re trying to take, or is my heart the one you’re going to break? Please be honest and tell me the truth, so I’ll know if I need to start getting over you.” He has a romantic yet world-weary  twang to his vocals, which keep pace with a simple, steady drum beat and the melodic play of keys." - Elmore Magazine

"The deep emotional ties James has to his lyrics are obvious to old fans and new. Onstage, his face betrays the truth behind his words; it’s as if he’s living his experiences all over again when he steps up to the microphone with his guitar. Kirstie Lovelady, a Nashville-based singer who invited James to join her band earlier this year for a three-month “On the Rise” tour presented by Pepsi, finds James’ onstage presence captivating. “I remember being so absolutely mesmerized by his talent and in awe of the rawness of his voice and the energy he has onstage.”" - Meghan Roos, PopMatters