Duke Evers

Duke Evers is a three-piece thunder-rock band from Seattle. The band has been around for four years, just long enough to figure out that it has two kinds of fans: Those that are totally loyal after had their faces melted with blistering licks and those that haven’t heard the band yet. It’s the band’s goal to convert the latter into the former.

Their sound is as infectious as it is precise; there isn’t a wasted beat or note in a song. It’s loud while still being dynamic. It’s kinetic, and it’s conveys import without any grandstanding or ego. Within it are traces of 80s-style art rock, reminders of 90s-style indie-rock faves, and even some late-70s style guitar-driven power-pop.

The often-sparse but generally-roaring guitars of Josh Starkel lead the blues-inspired melodies. The drum work of Kyle Veazy is a perfect match, spanking out urgent yet nuanced beats that act as a perfect support for the sound. Dune Butler's low-end mojo really serves to link the rhythm and melodic parts of a song into a cohesive whole; his work is solid but technical at the same time.

The band has been enduring a whirlwind of rising popularity since it started playing in front of real people in 2013, including showcases in New York, Italy, and headlining several shows in its hometown of Seattle.


"There’s sweet melodies that culminate in tear-it-up guitar riffs, warbly Elvis-like vocals, and beats you can’t help but dance to. Disparate influences somehow manage to both show off and merge into a cohesive, compelling work while the threesome’s live magnetism all but pops out of the speakers." - Stephanie Dore, Seattle Music News

“The EP Handful of Pennies was dropped, with its high energy tracks containing a small measure of Folk and a greater quantity of Rock. ‘Seaside’ is the song that receives the highest marks of Indie Obsessive.” - Indie Obsessive

“This powerful duo is bringing back the good old Kings of Leon vibe with their fast-paced tunes and catchy lyrics.”- Abduction Radiation

“Duke Evers has found a way to combine pop, old school rock, and a  tinge of blues to create their awesome upbeat indie rock music.” - Nikki Noborikawa, IX Daily

“This two-piece can produce more sound than your average five person band. Their sound is booming, to say the least, inciting references from that classic Homer Simpson line, “no, no, no, don’t stop a rockin.’” - Clayton Warwick, The Music Ninja

“Seattle-based Duke Evers’ are making inroads in one of the country’s most esteemed music cities, and with their take it or leave it gusto and up-tempo melodic rock, we should be hearing more from them nationwide.” - Glide Magazine