Former Belle

Since its start in the winter of 2010, Former Belle has taken on many different outfits, all led by frontman, Bruno Catrambone. The project self-released a full band EP entitled Sounds From The Ground. Former Belle backed their first release with multiple regional tours as well as a five-week European tour. This helped to shape the project into its new-found home of both full band and solo performances. After a year-long break while Catrambone pursued his other project, CRUISR, Bruno’s downtime between tours, as well as writing on the road, led him to collect new songs mixed with revisited old material to form a new EP, "Foreign Bed", released on 4/8/16 on Randm Records

Former Belle

"The sweet four minutes of “Honey Bee” showcases Catrambone’s sense for melody with buzzing harmonies, light acoustic guitars, and timeless lyrics beyond their years." - Tyler Asay, The Key

"The hushed vulnerability of Bruno Catrambone’s vocals is welded with the warm, soft touch of keys and acoustic guitar, developing an earnest sense of yearning reminiscent to Bright Eyes." - The Deli, Philadelphia

"Former Belle plays like something deeply rooted in our musical vernacular. “I Woke Up In Chicago” is contemporary American yearning at it’s finest, underscored by a soothing notion of overcoming some sorrow. " - Elmore Magazine

"Led by Bruno Catrambone, Former Belle creates a sonic setting that lingers, staying within a memorable manner. Their songs capture a space deep within, as their uninhibited folk honesty hits the back of ones neck, sending a haunting shiver up the spine." -Michael Colavita, The Deli