George Kamel

Nashville-based, Boston-bred artist George Kamel is no stranger to the world of songwriting. He released two albums in the past five years, one as part of Boston-based folk outfit “Meadowlarks” and another under the pseudonym, Lapsley. But a three-year stint in the city of Mobile, Alabama would force Kamel to reevaluate his identity as a songwriter.  

"You grow up real fast when you move 1,500 miles away from home to a place you're not familiar with and people you don't're out of your element and things kinda hit you differently..." said Kamel.

After countless open-mics and coffee shop shows, Kamel met an emerging producer named Matt Baker and decided to bring his songs to life in the studio with his latest release, The Great Coward.

Kamel believes that The Great Coward represents a significant season of personal growth. "I think the songs come from this place of wanting to escape the cynicism that I've been in for so many years now" he said. "It's not necessarily that I've figured it all out-or that I have all the answers-but I've found the path that I want to go and it's time for me to grow up and pursue that."

Drawing influences from Bon IverAvett Brothers and David Bazan, Kamel effectively unites the ethereal and earthly using an impressive array of folk instrumentation, while guiding the listener through haunting seasons of beauty and pain.

"Kamel manages to extract emotion from the most beautiful and painful moments of his life blend it harmoniously with mellow guitar strums and catchy drum beats. Kamel’s songs are truly infectious and relatable; he’s passionate about songwriting and it comes through in every track. I dare you to listen just once to The Great Coward because you won’t be able to stop." - Chandra Johnson - Secret Sound Shop

"He’s got a sweet simplicity that’s addictive. Whether he’s melodically whistling or carefully crafting a delicate, falsetto-filled, swoon-worthy song, his music and attitude have one underlying circuit. They’re impossible not to like." - Alexandria Sardam - Performer Magazine 

"'Mockingbird' opens up simply, with just Kamel’s acoustic guitar and voice. It sounds lovely, and many artists might be tempted let those elements carry the tune, letting it be a quiet ballad. Kamel, however, aims higher and flushes the tune out with full band production. When everything kicks in around 0:45, it’s a magical moment – the sensation of a whole world opening up before you. It’s a promising start for the young artist and marks him as someone to keep an eye on." - Will Durkin -

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