Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra

Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra hail from Santa Cruz, California. In addition to O'Reilly on the electrified resonator guitar and vocals, the band features Chris Lynch on the fiddle, and Jeff Kissell on upright bass and Matt Goff joining in on the drums. Combining a passion for Delta Blues, American Primitive, Folk, and Gospel, this four-man orchestra seamlessly weaves trance based blues music, hearkening back to John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf, with a drunken minor swing comparable to some of Tom Waits’ darker works.  Within the three years since they started out, the band is already touring nationally, internationally, and selling out venues along the West Coast and throughout the United Kingdom, delivering an enthralling and passionate performance, which often leaves them out of breath and the stage littered with broken strings and bow hairs. Their latest EP "Preach 'Em Now" was released on Randm Records on December 3rd, 2015.

"A band true to its name: soulful" - NPR

"Delightful... well crafted music" - SF Weekly

"raw musical excellence... guitar, fiddle and double bass played to within an inch of their inanimate lives." - 4000MilesToNashville

"The music is sweet and satisfying, led by the enchanting, sultry voice of Sonoma native and Santa Cruz resident O’Reilly, who makes it obvious from the get-go that the band demands something more than the traditional American folk label." - Haley Brucato, SF Weekly

"O'Reilly's singing voice has been one of the most compelling appeals of the trio. It's often a smoky, withering, almost supernatural bluesman wail/moan that adds mesmerizing textures to his band's sound." Wallace Bain, Santa Cruz Sentinal

"Marty O’Reilly began his musical journey as a blues guitar player, exploring the works of Blind Willie Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lee Hooker, Charlie Patton, and Leadbelly. Through extensive listening and studying of the early delta greats, O’Reilly developed a unique foundation onto which he would incorporate themes from influences in other musical veins such as John Fahey, Nick Drake, John Vandiver, and Tom Waits. Whether it be his original pieces, or his renditions of old American classics O’Reilly tells his story through an old and soulful voice, propelled by a sense of authentic emotional adrenaline." - First Night Raleigh

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