The Los Angeles-based roots rock duo (now known as Snakearm) have created a visionary and idiosyncratic sound. Start with Troy’s bluesy slide guitar fury and gritty vocals, finish with the clank and stomp of Ed’s junkyard drum kit - Restavrant churns out something that is equal parts organic and mechanical, equal parts rustic and urban. They've been touring nearly non-stop to spread the word and support their latest album "Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs" out now - if they show up in your town, go!

"Restavrant are two screemin freeks – term used so respectfully from adorable Victoria, Texas, that use expired license plates for drum parts and bodily drag truly addled hillbillyism into the digital age." - The Echo

“A sloppy collision between Hasil Adkins and DJ Assault that boils down to beat, guitar and rooster at dawn screaming, and behind them the drunkest dancers fall obediently in line.” – L.A. Record

“It’s hard not to immediately love Restavrant when you see them live. The drummer plays a suitcase and license plates, and the singer is the best-dressed cowboy you’ve ever seen. They’re originally from Victoria, Texas, though my buddy Jon at Huffington Post now calls them the best band in Los Angeles.” – Max Goldberg – Max Goldberg Online

Randm Records
7" Split Single 45 Vinyl via Randm Records