Scary Little Friends

Scary Little Friends is the Folk-Rock brainchild of Chris Jones with Charlie Knote on drums, and Jon Payne on bass. Chris built his own studio in the Mission district to record their debut album, “From the Beginning”, which features lilting vocals (a la Jeff Buckley) and surfs-up psychedelic guitar; a trademark of the “San Francisco Sound”. Based in both Santa Cruz and San Francisco with underlying southern soul roots, strong songwriting is really the bread and butter of this band. Scary Little Friend’s live shows combine an understated professionalism with raw talent. They connect with their audience the old-fashioned way by offering authentic heartfelt performances that fulfill our desire to connect. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just great songs about what you were thinking but couldn’t say.

"What struck us first about these songs is how surprisingly accessible they are. Most up-and-coming bands play artsy strange stuff and then later on adjust their style to suit a larger audience. These three guys seem to have jumped right off the diving board playing songs that sound like obvious direct hits. Instead of falling into the trap of overproducing their songs, these three guys leave things nice, simple, and sparse. Seven super nice guitar pop tracks here including "Everything At Once," "Silent Revolution," "In This Lifetime," and "Rabbit Hole." - babysue

"Scary Little Friends has an incredibly accomplished sound that is certainly deserving of wider coverage, and 'In My Lifetime' shows that well, being instantly likeable and catchy enough to transcend the indie world and make them big-hitters themselves." - KevW, The Sound of Confusion

"Imagine Matt Bellamy of Muse fronting Cheap Trick and I think that lands you remotely close to their sound. If the melodies and messages on the EP’s other six songs are as tight as this one, Scary Little Friends should be one of the top bands to emerge nationwide in 2016." - Keith Creighton, Pop Dose

"No, maybe Chris, bassist Jon Payne, and drummer Charlie Knote aren’t expecting fame; but if they do find it, they probably won’t be surprised. The songs on their debut LP, From the Beginning, belong on mainstream radio stations and the Billboard charts… So even if they’re not exactly looking for fame, they embody all the ingredients to help fame find them.” - BAM Magazine

"If you’re in the mood for mellow indie rock with a folk twist, then check out Scary Little Friends. Chris Jones fronts the band, [and] a well-balanced crew complements his stellar vocals.” - The San Francisco Chronicle

"A collection of damn fine songs full of uplifting melodies, big harmonies, and the occasional freight train drums reminiscent of The Tennessee Three. Singer and primary songwriter Chris Jones crafted a polished, cohesive debut LP completely devoid of filler. The album is definitely worth your time."  - Good Times Santa Cruz