Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass

Tommy Brown cut his teeth on classic, traditional bluegrass. A third generation musician, Tommy began pickin' the five-string banjo at the age of six. His powerful banjo style garnered him both the Kentucky State and Tennessee State Banjo Championships. His impressive pickin' style and soulful vocals embrace his passion for the mountain-style music he performs today.

The County Line Grass was formed in 1991 with a group of friends who just happened to live across the county line, thus the name, Tommy Brown & the County Line Grass. These days the band is more of a family affair with Tommy's children and close friends joining him. Son Jereme plays lead guitar and lends his poignant lead, tenor and baritone vocals to the group. Daughter Rachel with an instrument twice her size, skillfully provides a solid, yet spirited rhythm on acoustic bass. Providing steady rhythm and lead and baritone vocals is close family friend, Josh "Jug" Rinkel. Josh being a talented songwriter as well, has also penned most of the group's original material. Rounding out the band, Wayne Fyffe’s energetic fiddle will make you get up and dance, while his emotional back-up work provides the perfect complement to the groups moving ballads.

Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass have released nine outstanding albums: Road Signs and White Lines, Reminiscing, Mountain Bluegrass, Hard Drivin’, Fallen Leaves, I Wanna Go Back, Heartbreak Road, Way Back When. Their latest, Leaving This Town, is out now on Randm Records.

Pleasing audiences around the nation while still holding true to their beloved traditional, mountain-style bluegrass, you don't want to miss this entertaining group!

"Leaving This Town marks the ninth release from Tommy and his County Line Grass since they formed the group in 1991. It’s become a family affair over time, with son Jereme playing lead guitar – also in the Stanley style – and daughter Rachel providing a solid bass with just the right amount of movement. They are joined by Josh Runkel, who shares both lead singing and songwriting duties with Tommy, and Wayne Fyffe providing old timey fiddle.

All play and sing expertly, but what makes this record such a treat is the material, a mix of new and old songs, all perfectly suited for a ’70s-era bluegrass treatment. The album starts out with the keen crack of Brown’s arch top banjo on Dick Reinhart’s Fort Worth Jailhouse, spelling out what is to follow. Song after song, it’s unapologetically, hard core, straight up bluegrass borrowing heavily from the Stanley tradition."  - John Lawless - Bluegrass Today

"Bluegrass. For some, it is a group lingering together on a front porch, music ringing from a rustic place that is both here and now, yet somehow lost in time. For others, it is heard under the bright lights on the stages of festivals that dot the country throughout the year.

When I first heard Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass, I knew right away that I was hearing the very essence of why bluegrass is a cornerstone of American music.

You hear it in Tommy Brown, who sings with a sincerity that makes you stop and listen to the stories these songs tell. You hear it in the classic ringing of Tommy’s archtop banjo, to the rock solid bass of daughter Rachel Brown. You hear it in all the voices on this record, from Josh Rinkel’s lead vocal on ‘No One Like You (LA),’ to the soulful harmonies of Wayne Fyffe and son Jereme Brown throughout the record.

Yes indeed friends, you are holding in your hands a mighty fine bluegrass record. On it you will hear a collection of acoustic instruments that unite seamlessly with heartfelt singing to create the two elements of all timeless music – heart and soul. Two things that Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass have in abundance."  - James Zurek, The Palominos

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