Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass - Living The Dream [Single]


Tommy Brown - Banjo, Lead Vocals
Jereme Brown - Guitar, Tenor Vocals
Rachel Brown - Bass
Wayne Fyffe - Fiddle, Baritone Vocals

Engineered by Tom Feller at Buckaroo Studios
Mixed by Mike Butler at the Lost Ark Studio, California
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music, New York

©2017 Randm Records

Living The Dream

I see a happy couple smiling a new born baby crying
I'm all alone in the lover’s paradise
I thought these streets were made of gold
But now I miss my home all the ones I love and the girl I left behind

I walk the busy city streets where neon and lonely meet
I wonder if she knows she's the one that's on my mind
I left for bigger and better things but now it's not what it seems
I'm in a nightmare trying to live the dream
I'm in a nightmare trying to live the dream

Lord I feel so far away If I could make it just one more day
Then there might be a little light on the other side
I call the girl I left back home but she don't pick up the phone
I'm so lonesome, lord I could lose my mind

Song by Josh Rinkel