The Dead Lovers

The Dead Lovers are cooler than a Siberian camping holiday and their sound is retro, sexy and utterly provocative. Their songs swagger and radiate like elegantly wasted Hollywood stars from the 50s.  Their guitar riffs are fuzzy and irresistible and their grooves are vintage and deeply infectious, and their vocal melodies soar and make you swoon like the price of petrol.   If Morricone, Amy Winehouse and Jack White were forced to write songs in a small tent, this is how it might sound.

Wayne Jackson’s first band The Dostoyevskys achieved cult status in the mid 90s after delighting live audiences all across Europe with their enigmatic live shows, before he split the band and released two albums as a solo artist.  He also co-wrote and sang “The Other Side” with Paul Van Dyk which was a hit across the globe. In between he found time to co-produce both Bela B. solo albums and played in his live band. 

Lula also wrote songs for Germany’s most famous drummer, and sang several duets with Bela too. Recently she has added photography and TV presenting to her lengthy list of accomplishments. 

Since their birth as a band in the summer of 2012, The Dead Lovers have accomplished a great deal in a very short time  They provided title songs for two TV shows for RTL and ZDF Kultur, a further title song for a major German cinema film in which they also appeared.  And last year they recorded their debut album in the amazing Lost Ark Studio in San Diego. "Supernormal Superstar" is out now via Rough Trade Distribution in Europe, and Randm Records in the US.

Last year, the celebrated Luxembourg actor and martial artist Mickey Hardt joined the band as a musical all rounder, adding his stunning vocal harmonies to the tapestry.  His first appearance was at the TDL show at the Lott Festival where he played bass, but since then he’s moved over to guitars and Vox Continental organ.  Mickey has been Wayne’s trainer and close friend for the last 9 years.  Chris Lippert and Oscar Alpen provide effortlessly stylish bass and drums and complete the line-up.

"Lula’s mesmerizing vocals were reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull, but more dreamy, and her accent has the charm of The Cardigans’ singer, Nina Persson. As different as her vocals are from Wayne Jackson’s growling Manchester tones, the two voices play well together. The overall sound could easily be straight from America and even San Diego. A surfy vibe on some of the tunes made me wonder if the location inspired the direction of the songs or vice versa." - Jen Van Tieghem - Sounds In San Diego

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