The Palominos

This San Diego California based honky-tonk band plays classic west coast style country with vocal harmonies, steady backbeat and a persistently twanging lead guitar. Not contemporary in style, but certainly timeless in sound. Steeped in the classic honky-tonk of yesteryear, The Palominos bring to the stage and era that's long gone but far from forgotten.

The San Diego band was formed in 2006 by brothers Thomas and James Zurek (on guitar and bass). Playing a mix of both obscure country classics and their own originals, The Palominos present their timeless, toe tapping sound to a modern-day crowd that is sure to bring ...'em out onto the dance floor everywhere they play. 

Thomas played with the Grazers and the Barnyard Ballers, all the while working to master his twangin' telecaster that is front and center at every show. Along with picking on his guitar and banjo, James spent years building up a sizable collection of vintage country records that provides the audio blueprint for the band. Lance Hawkins was born and raised in Southern California and has been singing country all his life. His lead vocals capture that classic honky-tonk sound and transports the listener back to a time when country music was both fun and heartfelt. Craig Packham has playing drums in several bands throughout the years and his steady back beat help to keep the dance floor full.
Their debut EP, "Come On In" is available on iTunes and CD and in our shop, and their new full-length "Sweet Misery" was released June 19th of this year.

"In a dusty corner of the old part of town is a café, where long necks and leather necks congregate, celebrating all that they’ve got to be thankful for: an honest day’s work; a dear, sweet mother; and a God that made the honky-tonk angels. And over in the corner, dressed to the nines in Nudie-styled suits and five-gallon hats, is a quartet rocking the bandstand. In the sacred sawdust, where time stands still, are the Palominos, and these boys swing like nobody’s business. Should you crave a fix of Buckaroo-styled music in the present day, this quartet is about as good as it gets beyond resurrecting ol’ Buck Owens himself” - Jon Kanis, San Diego Troubadour

"The Palominos’ newest album, Come On In, is the kind of straight up, no frills, vintage country that makes that after-work beer taste even sweeter. The simple verses and catchy choruses of Come On In satisfy a need for country music at its purest. The title track “Come On In” boasts everything great about the vintage Bakersfield sound. It’s a no nonsense, country shuffle with plenty of cool finger picking from guitarist Thomas Zurek. “Mr. Used to Be” highlights lead singer Lance Hawkins, whose edgy baritone envelopes like Charlie Feathers and flourishes like Lefty Frizzell. Produced and engineered by Mike Butler at Lost Ark Studio, the record, clear and present, glows with vacuum tube warmth. Finally, Buck Owens can stop rolling over and listen to good, clean country live on." Review: "Come On In", Turnstyled Junkpiled

"The Palominos have a retro 60′s era Bakersfield sounding album out called Come On In. I really like those lead guitar licks. They aren’t too flashy but have good rock/country crossover sound to them. I’m tapping my foot to “What’s Her Name,” “Macon, Georgia,” and “You Provide The Heartbreak.”" - Americana Music Show

"Songs like "Mr. Used To Be" are jukebox-ready, honky tonk drinking numbers - the kind they just don't seem to write any more."  Review: "Come On In", Country Standard Time

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