Trouble in the Wind

Beginning as a raw Country/Rock trio called Cactus Bob, Robby Gira , Ryan Fox and Trevor Mulvey got their start playing at the "E Street Café" in Encinitas, CA a few years ago. Since then Trouble in the Wind has continually expanded their range and musical craft. Although the group still carries the Americana/Country influences, their sound spans a broad range of diverse genres. With the addition of Kyle D. Merritt and Larry Doran, Trouble in the Wind blossomed into a multi-instrumental collective able to spin larger than life, rich cinematic tales. The band's multi-faceted instrumentation and their expansive lyrics allow them to paint movie-like pictures on stage full of drama and imagery.

"Whether it be light on the horizon, men on the run or love in the air, it’s always Trouble in the Wind" – Alexi Con DeVille via Duchess

"The group's instrumentation of accordion, upright bass, banjo, and guitars color the emotional songs which blend and range from ballads to soulful surf folk rockers." - KPBS

7" Split Single 45 Vinyl via Randm Records