Whetherman is the project of 31 year-old singer-songwriter and Midwest native Nicholas Williams, whose Folk-infused Americana music has often acted as a meter for his personal journey through life. With poetic prose, easy-listening grooves, effervescent melodies and crooning vocals, the songs will lift your spirit and feed your soul. A relentless road warrior, you'll find him touring throughout the country most of the year, selling albums out of a home on wheels and living the songs he's created by immersing himself in the beautiful American landscape that many take for granted. 

Since 2007, Williams has independently written, produced and self-released five full-length albums. "Each release embodies the new places I've found inside myself. I have an obsession with traveling to discover new places and revisit old, on top of culturing myself musically with the old and the new," says Williams. His recent manifestation, 'Streams and Pastures' (2013) features a six-member band for the first time and recorded in the Southeast, where he has spent most of his time since 2009. The end product is an eclectic array of new sounds that take nothing away from the established singer-songwriter presence, only beautifully adding elements of America's enriched musical history. The cast includes: Rachel Murray (Vocals), JP Salvat (Percussion), Alex Hayward (Engineer/Drummer), Adam Mantovani (Upright Bass), Drew Matulich (Mandolin/Fiddle/Guitar) and Eric Brigmond (Keys).

During June of 2014, Whetherman traveled overseas for a five week European Tour in Germany, The Netherlands, France and Spain as "The Whetherman Trio" accompanied by vocalist Rachel Murray and percussionist JP Salvat. Williams released his sixth full-length album, 'Seeds for Harvest', in early 2015. 


"This Americana, singer-songwriter from Columbus, Ohio plays some of the most wonderful folk melodies and sings poetic lyrics that are sure to resonate with you." - David Gerz - Tristate Indie

"He has a lovely, soft voice. He is a fine guitarist. And he can also play harmonica to accompany his acoustic sounds." - Ross Bernhardt - CHARGED.fm 

"Sunny sounds that will lift your spirits and feed your soul... Americana perfection." - Folk Hive

7" 45 Vinyl via Randm Records